Practice Areas

At Vera Causa Legal, we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive array of legal services, addressing the complex needs of our clients with precision and expertise. Our practice spans various domains, ensuring that whether you’re seeking corporate legal advice, litigation support, matrimonial litigation expertise, intellectual property rights protection, or accessible online legal services, our team is equipped to deliver top-tier legal solutions.

We help people in solving legal issues

Our dedicated team assists individuals in navigating complex legal matters, offering guidance and solutions tailored to their unique circumstances.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services are designed to support businesses through every legal challenge and strategic decision-making process. From arbitration to corporate advisory, Vera Causa Legal provides a comprehensive suite of services to safeguard and advance business interests.

Litigation Services

Vera Causa Legal excels in litigation across various courts, handling civil, criminal, and supreme court cases with expertise.

Matrimonial Litigation Services

Our matrimonial litigation services in Delhi and Noida are tailored to address the complexities of family law, providing compassionate and effective legal support.

IPR Services

Our Intellectual Property Rights services protect and enforce IP rights, demonstrating our comprehensive approach to legal services.

Online Consultation

We offer legal consultations online, providing convenient access to our legal expertise.

Online Drafting

Our online drafting services ensure legal documents are prepared with precision and legal acumen, meeting our clients' needs effectively.

Corporate Services

We provide a full suite of corporate legal services designed to support businesses through legal challenges and strategic decision-making processes. Our offerings include:


We specialize in arbitration services, including the selection of arbitrators and managing arbitration proceedings, ensuring fair and expedient resolutions to commercial disputes.


Our expertise in obtaining necessary licenses and liaising with regulatory bodies is unparalleled, facilitating seamless business operations for our clients.

Corporate Advisory

Vera Causa Legal offers strategic corporate advisory services, assisting corporations in navigating legal landscapes for informed decision-making.

GST Consultancy

Vera Causa Legal offers insightful GST consultancy services, aiding businesses in navigating the complexities of GST regulations and compliance.

Compliance Audit

We conduct comprehensive compliance audits to ensure that businesses adhere to all relevant corporate regulatory requirements.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence services are critical for businesses considering mergers, acquisitions, or investments, providing thorough risk assessments to inform strategic decisions.

POSH Training

Our firm provides Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) training for corporate clients, emphasizing the importance of safe and respectful workplace environments.

Corporate Retainerships

We offer corporate retainership arrangements, providing ongoing legal support to businesses, ensuring they have continuous access to expert legal advice.

Litigation Services

Our litigation services cover a broad spectrum of legal challenges across various courts, including:

High Court Litigation

We have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in civil and criminal matters at the High Court level.

Criminal Litigation

Our firm defends clients in criminal cases, offering comprehensive legal support from bail petitions to trial representation.

Civil Litigation

Vera Causa Legal handles civil litigation cases, including disputes over contracts, property, and more, with adeptness and strategic acumen.

Supreme Court Litigation

We represent clients before the Supreme Court, adeptly managing SLPs, appeals, and other high-stakes legal proceedings.

Special Leave Petitions (SLP)

Our expertise in filing and arguing SLPs in the Supreme Court is notable, reflecting our deep understanding of appellate litigation.

Transfer Petitions

We assist in the strategic transfer of cases between courts, optimizing the legal approach for our clients' benefit.

Bail Petition

Our insights into the bail process, including anticipatory bail, ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice and support.

Matrimonial Litigation Services

Vera Causa Legal is a recognized leader in matrimonial litigation, offering services across Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram:

Divorce (Mutual Consent & Contested)

We handle both mutual consent and contested divorce proceedings, providing empathetic and strategic legal support.


Our legal representation in child custody disputes prioritizes the child's best interests, ensuring fair and compassionate resolutions.


We offer services related to securing maintenance for spouses and children, reflecting our commitment to justice and fairness.

Protection against Domestic Violence

Vera Causa Legal provides robust legal recourse against domestic violence, offering protection and support to victims.

Dowry Demand Cases

Our defense against dowry demand allegations and pursuit of justice for our clients is unwavering and effective.

Protection to Husband from Various Criminal Cases

We offer legal defense services for husbands facing criminal charges in matrimonial disputes, emphasizing fairness and strategic legal defense.

IPR Services

Our Intellectual Property Rights services ensure the protection and enforcement of IP rights, including:

IPR Consultancy

We provide strategic consultancy services for IP strategy and management, helping clients protect their valuable intellectual assets.

IP Prosecution

Our legal representation in child custody disputes prioritizes the child's best interests, ensuring fair and compassionate resolutions.

IPR Litigation

Vera Causa Legal’s litigation services enforce IP rights or defend against infringement, showcasing our depth of expertise in IP law.

How It Works

During the consultation, we assess your situation. Then, we strategize a plan of action tailored to your needs before taking decisive steps.


We begin with a comprehensive consultation, understanding your legal concerns and objectives.


Our experts devise a tailored strategy, leveraging their expertise to address your specific needs effectively.

Take Action

With a solid plan in place, we take decisive action to resolve your legal issues efficiently and professionally.


Vera Causa Legal offers its legal services across Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram, covering a wide range of legal practice areas including matrimonial litigation, corporate law, and IPR.

Our approach to matrimonial litigation is rooted in empathy, legal expertise, and a commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our clients, ensuring a compassionate and effective legal process.

Yes, our corporate services span from arbitration and licensing to compliance audits and POSH training, supporting businesses in navigating their legal challenges and strategic decisions.

Our litigation expertise across high court, supreme court, and criminal and civil cases, combined with a strategic approach to each case, sets us apart, ensuring skilled representation for our clients.

Contacting Vera Causa Legal is easy through our comprehensive contact options, including phone, email, and an online form, inviting potential clients to reach out for expert legal assistance.

Meet Our Legal Team

Our team of experienced attorneys and lawyers brings specialized expertise across our practice areas, committed to delivering excellence in legal services.

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