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At Vera Causa Legal, we are dedicated to supporting businesses with a comprehensive suite of corporate legal services. Our expertise spans legal compliance, strategic business planning, and effective dispute resolution. As a premier corporate law firm in Delhi, we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate complex legal landscapes, ensuring our clients’ operations are secure and their strategic objectives are met with precision and foresight.

What We Are Expert At

Comprehensive Corporate Legal Solutions

Corporate Retainerships

Our corporate retainership arrangements offer businesses on-demand legal advice and representation, ensuring that expert guidance is just a call away. This proactive approach to legal counsel helps businesses navigate challenges seamlessly, with the benefits of having a dedicated corporate lawyer in Delhi committed to their needs.

Due Diligence

Vera Causa Legal excels in due diligence services for mergers, acquisitions, and investments, providing a thorough evaluation of legal risks associated with business transactions. Our due diligence process is meticulous, encompassing both financial scrutiny and legal examination to safeguard investments and strategic moves.

Financial Due Diligence

We assess the financial health of business transactions through comprehensive financial due diligence, analyzing the economic viability and identifying any financial risks or opportunities.

Legal Due Diligence

Our legal due diligence focuses on compliance, contracts, and potential legal liabilities, ensuring that every aspect of a transaction is legally sound and aligned with corporate objectives.

Corporate Advisory

We offer strategic corporate advisory services, guiding businesses through corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning.

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic consultancy services are designed to assist businesses with structure, growth strategies, and risk management, ensuring long-term success and resilience.

Regulatory Compliance Advisory

Vera Causa Legal advises on regulatory compliance, helping businesses adhere to laws and regulations, thereby minimizing legal risks and enhancing corporate integrity.

Posh Training

We provide Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) training for employees, ensuring a safe and compliant workplace environment. Our training programs are comprehensive, designed to meet legal requirements and foster a respectful workplace culture.

Compliance Audit

Our audit services verify adherence to corporate, legal, and regulatory requirements, encompassing both internal policies and external legal standards.

Internal Compliance Audits

Our internal audits focus on compliance with internal policies and procedures, ensuring operational integrity and internal governance standards are maintained.

External Regulatory Compliance Audits

We conduct external regulatory compliance audits to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory standards, safeguarding businesses against legal challenges and penalties.

GST Consultancy

Our expert consultancy on Goods and Services Tax (GST) includes compliance advice, filing assistance, and strategic planning to navigate the complexities of GST regulations.

Liaising / Licensing

Vera Causa Legal assists with liaising with regulatory bodies for licenses, permits, and compliance matters, streamlining bureaucratic processes for businesses.

Arbitration / Arbitrators

We offer arbitration services as an effective alternative to litigation, providing skilled arbitrators for dispute resolution and helping businesses resolve disputes efficiently.

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Startups Support

Our service offers comprehensive support tailored for startups, ensuring that new businesses are not only legally compliant but also strategically poised for growth. This involves guiding startups through the initial stages of business registration to the complexities of cyber law, aiming to lay a solid foundation for their success.

Business Registration

We assist startups with the entire process of business registration, which is the first step toward legalizing and formally establishing a business. This process ensures that startups are recognized by the government and can operate legally.

Business Taxes

Understanding and managing business taxes is crucial for any startup. We provide guidance on tax obligations, help in identifying applicable taxes, and offer advice on tax planning and compliance, ensuring startups stay financially healthy and legally compliant.

Startup Funding and Finances

Securing funding and managing finances are critical aspects of a startup's success. We offer advice on different funding avenues, financial planning, and budget management to ensure startups have the capital needed for growth and the knowledge to manage it effectively.

Contracts and Legal Documentation

Drafting and managing contracts and legal documentation are fundamental to safeguarding a startup's interests. We provide expertise in creating solid contracts, agreements, and other legal documents that protect the startup's assets and intellectual property.

Cyber Law for Startups

In the digital age, understanding cyber law is imperative for startups, especially those operating online. We offer guidance on complying with cyber laws, protecting digital assets, and ensuring online business activities are secure and legal.

Website Agreements and General Policy Formulation

We help startups in formulating website agreements and general policies, including terms of service and privacy policies, ensuring they meet legal requirements and protect both the business and its customers.

Human Resource and Workplace Policy Formulation

Creating a positive and legally compliant workplace is essential for startups. We assist in formulating human resource policies and workplace guidelines that foster a productive environment and comply with labor laws.

Employment and Labour Laws Compliances

Compliance with employment and labor laws is critical to avoid legal issues. We provide guidance on adhering to these laws, including hiring practices, employee rights, and workplace safety, ensuring a fair and legal working environment.

Foreign Investment

For startups looking to attract foreign investment, understanding the legalities involved is crucial. We offer advice on the legal aspects of foreign investment, helping startups navigate the complexities of attracting and securing international funds.


Expanding a startup through franchising or licensing can be a strategic growth avenue. We provide expertise on developing franchising agreements or licensing models, ensuring they are beneficial and compliant with the law.

Why Partner with Us for Corporate Services

Vera Causa Legal stands out for its unparalleled expertise, experience, and successful track record in providing corporate legal services. Our firm is uniquely equipped to handle corporate suits, writ petitions, and various challenges, setting us apart as a leading corporate law firm in Noida and Delhi.

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We Handle Matters In The Nature Of

Vera Causa Legal’s proficiency extends to managing a wide array of legal matters, each demanding a unique blend of expertise in corporate law.


The firm adeptly handles suits, including civil and commercial litigation, offering comprehensive legal solutions. Their approach is tailored to each case, ensuring client interests are vigorously defended in court


Specializing in writ petitions, Vera Causa Legal assists clients in seeking remedies from higher courts for violations of rights or legal procedures. Their expertise ensures swift and effective legal recourse in matters of urgent judicial intervention.

Pre-arbitration petitions

The firm's preparation and filing of pre-arbitration petitions showcase their strategic approach to dispute resolution. They adeptly navigate pre-arbitration processes to safeguard clients' interests before formal arbitration proceedings commence.

Challenges to arbitration awards

Vera Causa Legal excels in challenging and defending arbitration awards. Their in-depth understanding of arbitration law enables them to navigate the complexities of contesting or upholding arbitration decisions in court.

Company petitions including Mergers and Amalgamations

The firm’s expertise in corporate law is evident in their handling of company petitions. They provide strategic advice and legal services for mergers, amalgamations, and other corporate restructuring activities, ensuring compliance and smooth transitions.

Oppression and mismanagement

Vera Causa Legal represents shareholders and members in cases of oppression and mismanagement within companies. They employ their legal acumen to protect clients’ rights and interests, ensuring fair management and operation of corporations.

Testamentary matters

The firm handles testamentary matters with sensitivity and professionalism. They assist in drafting wills, obtaining probate, and executing estates, ensuring clients' wishes are respected and fulfilled.

Public Interest Litigation

Demonstrating their commitment to social justice, Vera Causa Legal undertakes public interest litigation. They represent cases that affect the public at large, aiming to bring about significant legal and social changes.


The firm's expertise in appeals is comprehensive, covering civil, criminal, and administrative appeals. Their thorough understanding of appellate procedures ensures that clients receive the best possible representation in higher courts.

Miscellaneous petitions

Vera Causa Legal’s capacity to handle miscellaneous petitions reflects their versatile legal expertise. They adeptly manage a variety of petitions, addressing unique legal challenges and client needs with precision and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vera Causa Legal combines deep legal expertise with a proactive approach to corporate law, offering comprehensive solutions from retainerships to complex litigation and advisory services, distinguishing us as a leading corporate law firm.

We conduct thorough internal and external compliance audits, ensuring businesses adhere to all regulatory requirements, thereby minimizing legal risks and enhancing corporate governance.

From business registration to navigating employment laws and securing startup funding, our firm provides a robust legal foundation for startups to thrive and grow.

Yes, our expertise in contractual disputes, including those with ISPs, ensures businesses receive knowledgeable and effective representation in resolving these disputes.

Our corporate retainerships offer businesses ongoing legal support, ensuring they have immediate access to legal advice and representation tailored to their needs.

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