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Awarded Law Firm of the Year

Vera Causa Legal has been set up with the goal to take a definitive and
true stand and to protect the interests of its clientele in the most effective and cost efficient manner. We are a team of enthusiastic professionals with
different skill sets and expertise in dealing with various subjects of Law and
we synergise our efforts to meet the needs of our clientele.

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Innovative, client-focused solutions. Unparalleled expertise. Industry leader in excellence. Trusted by clients worldwide. Award-winning firm delivering exceptional results.

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Consult a qualified attorney for tailored advice. Understand laws relevant to your situation. Act prudently to protect your rights.

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Professional And Experienced Family Law Attorney

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Excellent Track Record

Consistent success across endeavors, delivering impactful results with integrity, innovation, and teamwork, fostering growth and sustainability.

Transparent Fees

Clearly communicated, upfront charges, devoid of hidden costs or surprises, ensuring clients understand the full scope of financial obligations.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Attentive, empathetic, and efficient support tailored to each customer's needs, ensuring satisfaction and fostering lasting relationships.

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Awards & Recognitions

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Award 2

Best Emerging Law Firm of New Delhi, Year 2020

Vera Causa Legal: Pioneering excellence, innovation, integrity, and client dedication. A beacon of legal prowess shaping New Delhi's future.

Award 3


Presented to Vera Causa Legal for exemplary dedication to pro bono legal aid, empowering the economically disadvantaged in 2021

Award 2
Award 3

Best Emerging Law Firm of New Delhi, Year 2020

Vera Causa Legal emerges as the beacon of legal excellence in New Delhi for 2020, epitomizing innovation, integrity, and unwavering commitment. 

Their dedication to legal advocacy, coupled with a client-centric approach, sets them apart. 

With a team of dynamic legal minds, they navigate complexities with finesse, offering bespoke solutions to each client. 

Their forward-thinking strategies and meticulous attention to detail ensure successful outcomes in diverse legal landscapes.

 Vera Causa Legal embodies the essence of modern legal practice, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. 

As the Best Emerging Law Firm, their ascent heralds a new era of legal prowess and client satisfaction.

Our Practice Areas

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services cater to businesses at every turn, aiding in legal hurdles and pivotal strategic choices. From arbitration to corporate counsel, Vera Causa Legal offers an extensive array of services, ensuring the protection and progression of business endeavors.

Litigation Services

Vera Causa Legal stands out in litigation across diverse courts, adeptly managing cases spanning civil, criminal, and supreme court proceedings.

Matrimonial Litigation Services

Our specialized matrimonial litigation services cater to clients in Delhi and Noida, meticulously designed to navigate the intricate terrain of family law with compassion and efficacy

IPR Services

Our services in Intellectual Property Rights safeguard and uphold IP rights, showcasing our holistic approach to legal solutions

Online Consultation

We provide online legal consultations, ensuring easy access to our legal expertise.

Online Drafting

Our online drafting services guarantee the meticulous preparation of legal documents, tailored with precision and legal expertise to effectively meet the needs of our clients

Our Speciality Areas​

Vera Causa Legal specializes in Matrimonial Litigation Services, offering comprehensive legal support in navigating complex family law matters. Our dedicated team provides expert guidance and representation in divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, spousal support negotiations, and asset division, ensuring our clients’ rights and interests are protected with diligence and care

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Vera Causa Legal offers expert divorce services: consultations, document preparation, mediation, legal representation, and compassionate support for navigating separation.

Child Custody

Vera Causa Legal ensures fair, compassionate child custody arrangements, prioritizing the well-being and best interests of every child involved

Child Support

Vera Causa Legal offers comprehensive Child Support services ensuring fair and timely assistance for families navigating legal obligations


Vera Causa Legal provides comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring legal compliance and efficient upkeep for your peace of mind.

Protection against domestic violence

Vera Causa Legal offers expert support and legal guidance to safeguard individuals from domestic violence through comprehensive protective services.

Dowry demand cases

Vera Causa Legal provides expert assistance and representation in dowry demand cases, ensuring justice and resolution for our clients.

Protection to husband from verious criminal cases

Vera Causa Legal offers expert defense, shielding husbands from various criminal charges with comprehensive legal services and strategic representation.

How It Works

At Vera Causa Legal, our process is simple and efficient. First, schedule a consultation with our experienced team. Next, we’ll assess your legal needs and tailor a personalized strategy. Then, we’ll diligently work on your case, keeping you informed every step of the way.


Begin with an in-depth consultation where we listen to your needs and concerns, gathering essential information to understand your situation fully.


Based on the consultation, we develop a tailored strategy designed to achieve your goals effectively, considering legal complexities and potential challenges.

Take Action

With a clear plan in place, we take decisive action, advocating for your interests and implementing the strategy to navigate legal processes with precision and determination.

Office Locations

Vera Causa Legal operates from multiple office locations across the country, providing comprehensive legal services with a personal touch.

Noida Office

1027, 10th Floor, Hope Tower, Galaxy Blue Sapphire Plaza, Plot No. C-03, Sector 4, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309

Head Office

KG Marg, Atul Grove Road, Janpath, Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001


Chamber No. 94, A.K. Sen Block


What Our Clients Say

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Mr. Rajesh Kumar


Vera Causa Legal has been our legal partner for over five years now. Their team's dedication and expertise have helped navigate complex legal matters with ease. Their understanding of Indian law combined with their proactive approach make them invaluable to our business. Highly recommended!


Working with Vera Causa Legal has been a game-changer for our startup. Their legal advice has been instrumental in shaping our business strategies and ensuring compliance. Their team's responsiveness and commitment to our success make them stand out. Thank you for your exceptional service!

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Ms. Priya Sharma

indian, male, asian-4917258.jpg

Mr. Sanjay Patel,


Vera Causa Legal has been our trusted legal advisor for years. Their deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and Indian regulatory landscape has been crucial in guiding us through various legal challenges. Their professionalism and attention to detail are commendable. We are grateful for their support.


Vera Causa Legal has been an integral part of our real estate projects. Their legal expertise and strategic insights have helped us navigate complex land acquisition and development regulations smoothly. Their team's commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for their clients is truly impressive. Highly recommended for anyone in the real estate sector!

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Ms. Naina Gupta

indian man, dubai expo, portrait-7096820.jpg

Mr. Anil Verma


Vera Causa Legal has been our legal partner since the inception of our textile business. Their guidance has been invaluable in areas such as contract negotiations, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution. Their team's proactive approach and deep understanding of our industry have consistently exceeded our expectations. We highly endorse their services.


Vera Causa Legal has been instrumental in helping us navigate the legal complexities of the fashion industry. From trademark registrations to vendor contracts, their expertise has been crucial in protecting our brand and ensuring smooth operations. Their professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction make them a top choice for any business owner seeking legal support."

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Ms. Meera Singh

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